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July 27, 2010

The Jetson Aztronautz Story……

First And Foremost We Would Like To Thank Everyone That Has Been Supporting The Jetson Aztronautz Since Day One….We Appreciate Your Support And Hope That You Will Continue Supporting Us Going Into Year 2….. As You All May Have Known, July 24th 2010 Was Aztronautz 1 Year Anniversary…. It Has Been A Crazy Year For Us, It Was A Lot Of Fun And A Lot Of Growing, And We Can’t Forget How Hard We’ve Worked To Continue Bringing You New Designs Every Month…. Now That We Are Officially Into Our Second Year, We Aim To Take Things To Another Level Creatively, And We Can’t Wait To Bring You Some More Dope Shit…. All Of Our Old Designs Have Been Discontinued And We Are Ready To Kick Things Off With All New Never Before Seen Designs…

I Know You’re Probably Wondering What’s Up With The Crazy Logo’s….. Well!!! The Logo’s Represent The Five Different Characters Or Personalities Of The Jetson Aztronautz Story/Brand…. Sounds Confusing…. Ok… The Entire Brand Is Under The Name Jetson Aztronautz…..  And The Brand Is Telling A Story Visually Through The Art Printed On The T-Shirts….. Each Logo Is A Character In The Story And Also A “Sub-Brand” Or If You Would Rather Call It A “Spin-Off” Of The Jeston Aztronautz Story…. So That Means 5 Different Exclusive And Very Limited Luxury Brands All Wrapped Up In One Brand…Simple As That… Now This Logo Represents Aztronautz…. Atronautz Are Jetson’s Team Of Artists Who Are Creating Jetson’s Story…. The Aztronautz Brand Print For Both Men And Women….

The Entire Story Is Based On A Character Named Jetson, Who Is On A Mission To Add Some Creativity And Art Into The World Of Luxury Fashion, By Creating A Brand That Would Challenge The Entire Fashion World To Rethink The True Definition Of Creativity…. Jetson Is The Highest Brand Throughout The Entire Line And It’s Entirely A Men’s Line…

Every Super Hero Has A Super Villain That Somehow Finds Their Way Into Destroying And Causing Havoc…… “Vyctim of Luxury” Is That Villain And His Part To The Story Is Ruining The Works And Designs Of Other Brands By Putting His Own Twist To Them…..

Kill Fashion Is The High End Of The Two Female Lines And She Represents The Rebellious And Sophisticate Side Of Every Woman… Her Part Of The Story Involves Her Relationship With Vyctim… Both Kill Fashion And Vyctim Work As Partners To Shake Up The Fashion World With Their Unpredictability…

Chicks N Denim Line Represents Women Who Take Pride In A Not So Normal Obsession,  That Obsession Is Denim Jeans And Chicks N Denim To Put It Plain And Simple The Brand Completes Their Outfit…. Their Involvement In The Story Is  That Chicks N Denim Are Two Women Who Help Jetson On His Journey To The Top….One Name “Chicks’ And One Named “Denim”

July 27, 2010

Aztronautz Ipod Playlist…..

Not Only Do We Love Fashion We Also Love Music And Music Always Inspires Us To Create So Here Some Music That Are Currently On Repeat In Our Ipods…. Just Wanna Bring You Into Our World Both Fashionably & Musically…… Enjoy

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