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November 28, 2010

New Wiz Khalifa…… Real Estate…….

New Wiz Khalifa Called “Real Estate” Dope Track….. Enjoy….

August 1, 2010

Sneak Peek Of 1yr Anniversary Tee……

This Is A Sneak Peek At Our Official Tee For Our 1yr Anniversary……. We Made A Bold Statement With This One…. We Wanted People To Realize That The Word Aztronautz Has Nothing To Do With any Out Of ¬†Space Shit……Its An Ode To The Aztronautz Brand…Always Keeping It Original And Never Afraid To Defend Our Freedom Of Expression…. We Will Be Releasing A Very Limited Amount So Stay Tune For Release Date….

April 20, 2010

Smoo & D-Rick “MONEY” Ft Deanz (Official Video)

Aztronautz And B.O.S Presents The Official Video For Smoo & D-Rick “MONEY” Ft Deanz….. This Video Is So Sick… And A Lot Of Work Went Into It So Enjoy….. Happy 420…..

April 20, 2010

420 Or Die…

These Are A Few Pics Taken From My New Blackberry… As You Can See That I Love Every Blackberry I Get… Well Its 420 Today And I’m Still Surprised That There People Still Act Like They Don’t Know What That Means.. Its National Weed Day And It Should Be Reconized As A Real Holiday..Atleast In My Opinion. ¬†Now You Know It Just Wouldn’t Be Right If We Didn’t Give You A Little Something To Celebrate About Today….. Here Is Our 420 Tee…Pretty Simple But IT Still Says A Lot…. All 420 Tees Will Be Given Away Free So Stay Tuned And For More Info On How To Get Your Free Tee…

October 20, 2009

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express… What More Can I Say.. One Of The Most Popular Strains, It Was A Must That We Put It In This Months Release.. Very Dope! 12 Copies Only.. Available October 23rd..

Pineapple express aztronautz hats @aztronautz

October 20, 2009

Purple Haze

Modesty Is The Best Policy… The Purple Haze Is Nicknamed The Silent Killer.. At Any Given Time You Could Pull This Hat Out And Kill Em.. Dope! 12 Copies Only.. Available October 23rd

Purple haze aztronautz hat @aztronautz

October 20, 2009

White Widow

You Can’t Discuss Marijuana Strains Without Mentioning White Widow.. This Hat Is So Sick And Clean.. It Goes With Everything… 12 Copies Only.. Available October 23rd..

White widow aztronautz hat @aztronautz

October 20, 2009

Sour Diesel

Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Sour Diesel… One Of My Favorite Strains… Very Dope And It Makes A Very Bold Statement.. I Smoke Only The Highest Grade.. Period…12 Copies Only.. Available October 23rd

Sour diesel aztronautz hat @aztronautz

October 17, 2009

Halloween Comes Early Oct 23rd

Happy Halloween Ya’ll

… Here’s A Sneak Peek For All The Aztronautz Collectors.. All The Hats Are Snapbacks And The Tees Are Just Sick… October 23rd… What More Can I Say….

Aztronautz weed camoflauge hats and addicted to new t-shirt @aztronautz

Aztronautz weed camoflauge hats and addicted to new t-shirt @aztronautz

September 13, 2009

Aztronautz Sightings

Dope Pic

.. I Wish I Could Have Seen That Tee It Looks Dope From What I Can See..

Swagg in an Aztronautz hat @ Aztronautz

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