In a place not too far from planet Earth  lies another world where “Luxuy” is Life, and being a “Label Whore” is a thing of the norm. A world where the people crave creativity, but are bored with the brands that once baffled  them. One brand sent here to save the World Of  luxury from its own destruction of boredom, by challenging the few who dare to be exclusive without limitations… Exclusivity is the game, and Jetson Aztronautz is the name. Five Collectible Brands, Five Different Personalities, So Exclusive We Could Be Considered A Secret Society…


Each month 4 or more different designs are released to the public to purchase, whether it be t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, hat, belts etc… each of these different designs only have a limited amount that doesn’t exceed more than 25 of the same item.

For example: (Two hoodies come out the same day one is black and the other is red. The black hoodie might only release 10 copies while the red hoodie releases 15 copies. so therefore only 10 people in the entire world can own the black hoodies while only 15 people in the entire world owns the red hoodies)

With only one exception, the only extra copies of any design are the ones that comes in a package. A package consists of all the designs released for that month.

Each month has two different release dates, The “OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE” that the designs are released on, and another release date we call “BLACKOUT DATES”

Blackout dates come a week after the official release date with some of the original items for that month in different colors. Not all designs have blackout date releases.

What makes Aztronautz  so unique is that everything is Limited Edition, and Exclusive, that is the reason for so little releases. Once they are gone that’s it, No More! and that design will never be released again.

Aztronautz aren’t in it to become like “the next guy”  and over populate the world with a mass production of our designs, like other designers we’ve come to know. we’re in it for the sake of keeping it Fresh. The love of the game is what keeps us motivated to become even Fresher.

Just like its impossible to witness a UFO, we strive to make it Damn near as impossible to meet an Aztronaut, While giving the entire world a chance to become one

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  1. This the P.R. Speaking- we stay in space
    meaning being fresh is always on the agenda. Come be
    fresh with us.

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