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June 30, 2009

Contest #1…

First 3 People To Either Have 10 People Follow AZTRONAUTZ on Or Send 10 Email Address To Will Get A Pre-Release Copy Of Either One Of The Designs In The First Official Release Of AZTRONAUTZ Before Release Date July 24Th……

June 29, 2009

Next To Blow

Smoo-“Money” (Download Here)
Just got a mixtape in the Email so I had to take a listen… This shit right here is HOT!!! He calls himself¬† “Smoo” and the track is called “MONEY” it looks like he’s Next To Blow In Chicago… Keep up the good work and I cant wait to hear more……

June 29, 2009

Jay Z is back ya’ll and ready to take back his crown…..

June 27, 2009

Only The Fresh Will Survive….

What exactly is AZTRONAUTZ???? A small T-Shirt company based out of Chicago with very limited pieces.. Each month 4 or more designs are released to the public on specific release dates… Every individual design released will Not exceed more than 25 pieces but does not have to meet the 25 mark.. No mass productions No bullshit!!! Just straight exclusive shit.. All for the love of the game…This is only the beginning…..

June 26, 2009



This is what 10 months of wearing NUDIES look like….I put a lot of wear and tear into these jeans, They used to be my favorites…I guess you can tell we are denim freaks… The crazy thing is that I dont even wear these any more and I never washed them….Maybe I should do a video on what they would look like WASHED….

June 26, 2009


This is an old ass pic of us…. but the shit was still fly…. I think we were into TSubi’s at the time (now known as KSubi)……

AztronautzEven Before AZTRONAUTZ We Were Still Dope….

June 24, 2009

Follow Us….


Now you can follow us on Twitter and stay updated as we take AZTRONAUTZ to the next level….¬† TWITTER.COM/AZTRONAUTZ

June 24, 2009

Aztronautz At 2Fresh’s B-Day Bash This Weekend

Aztronautz will be at Chicago’s very own 2Fresh’s B-Day Bash… Its going to be live people… Come through show your love and support for 2Fresh… LADIES drink free all nite…….Big Ups to Young G, Slim,Nassi and the whole WIZPRO Team…..

Party flyer

June 24, 2009

The Revealing Of The Blackout Colors

The Blackout Date colors of the Quote Unquote collection are coming soon… Also look foward to the revealing of the August release……

June 23, 2009


Just added the Aztro-Mall, too bad you can’t order until release date…..

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